Vivian Silicone Electrosilk Broom & stick – Blue

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(1) Efficient sweeping experience.
(2) Will NOT scratch any floor or furniture.
(3) Picks up hair, pets hair, dust and dirt using static electricity. Does not raise dust clouds.
(4) Strong and durable the elastic bristle does not deform or wear.(5)Can be antibacterial sterilization (withstands high temperatures up to 260ºC/520ºF)

Only 1 left in stock


Only 1 left in stock

Product Description

“The new revolutionary silicone broom replaces all regular bristles and rubber brooms. Perfect, easy and efficient sweeping floors made of marble, granite, parquet and carpets. Aggressively catches dust, hair and dirt using static electricity. The silicone broom requires minimal pressure while wiping the floor and can be sterilized at high temperatures up to 520ºF / 260ºC using steam or water.