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Lekue Bread Maker Brown Silicone Bakewa

Lekue Bread Maker Brown With the Lekue Bread Maker, you will be able to enjoy the traditional t ...


Lekue BAKING SHEET – Black

Lékué baking sheets are flexible, non-stick and easy to use and store. Prevents the food from ...


Lekue 6 Silicone Cavity Traditional Muf

The practical Classic traditional muffin pan 6 cavities is perfect for cooking delicious recipe ...


Lekue 6 Silicone Cavity Savarin Mini Mo

All lekue baking molds are made of platinum silicone and can go in the oven or microwave; plati ...


Lekue 9 Silicone Cavity Gourmet Financi

The Gourmet Financier mould 9 cavities is a flexible, non-stick mould for baking. Professional ...


Lekue 9-Inch Silicone Springform Pan wi

Lekue 23 cm springform ceramic mould is the perfect combination of platinum silicone and cerami ...


Lekue Silicone ROUND CAKE MOULD 26 cm &

The Round 26 cm cake Mould from the Crystal Silicone collection is available in translucent gla ...


Lekue 11-Inch Silicone Quiche Pan with

Lekue quiche pan is perfect combination of silicone and ceramics in our quiche. 100 percent non ...


Lekue Silicone 9 Cavity Gourmet Mini Ca

Lekue 9 cavities gourmet mini cake mould is a flexible, non-stick mould for baking. Professiona ...


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