Registration & My Account

How do I register on

You can register at by following any one of the following simple ways:-

  1. By clicking Register on Home page.
    1. Simply enter your “Email Address”, create and confirm a “Password” to create your GKW online account
    2. After filling these mandatory fields, just click on “Proceed” to finish your Registration
  2. Register while you shop for first time on
    1. While you confirm your order in GKW’s shopping cart, click on “Checkout” to proceed to the Email Login page
    2. On the Email Login page, enter your “Email Address” which you wish to keep for GKW online account and click on “Proceed” to register
    3. The password for your GKW online account will be sent to you through email. To change your password, please see “My Account” after Login
  3. What if I forget my account password, or wish to change it?
    1. If you forget your GKW online account password, just follow these simple steps:-
      • Click Login on Home page.
      • Enter your email address in the Login box and click on “Forgot Password” tab. You would now be sent a dummy password.
      • Please use this dummy password at Login to visit your Account. Once logged in you can change your password from “My Account”.
    2. If you wish to change your GKW online account password, please follow these simple steps:-
      • Click Login on Home page.
      • Visit the “My Account” page from the top of the website.
      • You can now change your password by providing details, “Email Address”, “Password”, New Password” and “Confirm New Password”.


How can I contact for queries regarding my online orders on GKW?

mail us at