Can Platinum Silicone moulds be used in the oven?

All the products included in our range of Silicone Platinum baking moulds and healthy products can be safely used both in traditional ovens and in microwave ovens up to a temperature of 220 ºC. Platinum Silicone is an advanced and safe material that, thanks to its exceptional flexibility, resistance and thermal adaptability, is perfect for using in the kitchen, in ovens and in contact with food.

What temperatures can they withstand?

Most Lékué Platinum Silicone products are resistant to temperatures of between -60 and 220ºC.

Does the mould need to be buttered or oiled?

Lékué’s Platinum Silicone moulds are treated with special non-stick products so you only need to oil them the first time they used in order to enhance their non-stick properties. This means you can avoid using large amounts of butter or oil, and cook without added fats.

Are the moulds dishwasher safe?

Yes, Lékué Platinum Silicone moulds are dishwasher-safe, although it is recommended you remove excess surface residues in order to improve the results.

What are the recommendations for using Platinum Silicone moulds?

1) Wash the product before first use. 2) Before filling the mould for the first time we recommend you grease it in order to enhance its non-stick properties. 3) In order to avoid spills, place an oven rack on the work surface and place the mould on top. Fill the mould with the batter. place it in the oven on top of the rack. 4) Place the mould on the oven rack or tray in the middle or on the bottom of the oven. 5) When you remove the mould from the oven, be sure to protect your hands and let the mould cool. 6) We recommend you freeze mousses before turning out to avoid breakage. 7) For correct maintenance of your mould: a) Do not place it in direct contact with a flame or source of heat. b) Do not use sharp utensils such as knives inside the mould. c) Do not use scouring pads or abrasive soaps to clean them.

Can I store the moulds folded?

Lékué’s Platinum Silicone moulds are made with 100% Platinum Silicone, and this material allows you to fold them and store them folded without the risk of them becoming deformed. In this way, they can be easily stored and take up very little room in the kitchen.

Can Lékué moulds be used for cold recipes?

Lékué Platinum Silicone moulds may also be used for making cold recipes and can be stored in the refrigerator or freezer up to -60 ºC.

Do Platinum Silicone moulds leave residues on food? Are they safe?

Yes, they are safe. Lékue’s Platinum Silicone moulds are not made with any component that can leave residues or alter the taste of foods. All the Lékué moulds meet EU and FDA specifications as far as materials that are in contact with food are concerned. Furthermore, the silicone used for making the Lékué moulds is a product of a formula that includes Platinum – a type of catalyser (or chemical reaction accelerator) that gives the silicone the special technical properties compared to other catalysers.

How long does a Lékué mould last?

Lékué guarantees the durability of their moulds which, in some cases, can even reach 15 years as long as they are used as recommended.

How can I make perfect cakes with the DUO moulds?

The DUO range consists of three exclusive removable moulds (round, rectangular and quiche moulds). These combine a ceramic plate with a flexible platinum silicone ring. These moulds are perfect for preparing delicate dishes (quiche, mousse, cheesecakes), which can be removed easily from the mould by taking off the silicone ring. For perfect results with DUO moulds, it is very important that you fix the ring to the plate and close the clip firmly, so that the filling does not spill out. When transporting the mould, always hold by the plate and never by the ring, especially when the mould is full. Lastly, when turning out, to protect your hands, remember that although the silicone ring cools down quickly, the ceramic plate will stay hot for longer.

How can I make perfect cakes with the pumpkin mould?

The Pumpkin is an exclusive, two-part 3D mould you can use to prepare three-dimensional pumpkin shaped cakes in a single bake. To achieve perfect results from this mould, it is important you seal the two pieces of the mould completely to prevent leakage; secondly, remember not to completely fill the mould (if necessary cut away the excess mixture that comes through the hole with a knife); to bake, place the mould in the middle or bottom of the oven. Lastly, when removing from the mould, gently separate the pieces of the mould to avoid breaking the cake, lift off the top part and then remove the base.

What are the lids on the Crystal Silicone moulds used for?

The lid accessory is available for the Round, Rectangular and Square moulds in the Crystal Silicone collection. The lid is useful for baking to achieve more even cooking and for preventing the top of the cake from going too brown (depending on the recipe and individual taste). The lid is also useful for storing food directly in the mould without having to change container.

How can I turn out my cakes from the moulds without breaking them?

It is easy to remove food from Lékué Silicone Platinum moulds. For perfect results, allow the food to cool completely. To remove from the mould, pull the sides away gently and press on the base until the cake comes away, then remove. We recommend you freeze mousses before turning out to avoid breakage.


What is the difference between baking sheets and baking mats?

The difference is in the composition and the results. The baking sheets are made entirely of Platinum Silicone and are useful for protecting oven trays, freezing and as a work surface. The baking mat is made of a mixture of Platinum Silicone and fibreglass. The fibreglass structure of the mat allows for optimum distribution of heat and uniform cooking in a shorter time. The mat is therefore a really useful baking instrument, ideal for baking biscuits, croissants, pastries in general, pizzas, etc.


What can I cook in the steamer case?

The steamer case is a very versatile cooking instrument, suitable for use both in a conventional oven and in the microwave, which is revolutionising cooking. It can be used to prepare a wide variety of sweet and savoury dishes quickly and in a healthy way. These include fish, meat, chicken, vegetables, omelettes, rice, fruit, cakes, etc. For more information about the possible uses of the steamer case, see the “Recipes” section of our web page.

How can I clean the steamer case, moulds and other silicone products?

The steamer case and other Platinum Silicone products are very easy to clean. They should be washed by hand with soap and water and a soft sponge, or in the dishwasher, because silicone is a very hygienic, hydrophobic material. You are advised to keep the product perfectly clean, especially when you are preparing dishes containing a lot of fat or oil. You should also remember that some soaps with surfactants or which are highly perfumed may impregnate the product if it is left to soak for a long time Do not using abrasive scouring pads to clean them.

What is the interior tray in the steamer case used for?

The removable tray is an accessory in the steamer case that allows the food to be cooked in the microwave: It guarantees the liquids accumulated during cooking will drain away from the food This is useful for certain kinds of fish and vegetable that release a lot of water which you do not wish to mix with the food. When you cook in the steamer case without using the tray, the food cooks in its own juices for a “stew-type” result.


What is the difference between the stretch tops and the suction lid?

The stretch tops are designed to create a vacuum seal that allows you to preserve food inside or outside the refrigerator. A vacuum seal is achieved by simply pressing down on the top. Available in different sizes and colours, they adapt to containers of different sizes (from tins of tuna to salad bowls), and are even useful for sealing fruit halves or vegetables. The suction lids, available in various round, square and rectangular shapes, are extremely versatile products: For cooking, for covering paellas or oven dishes, protecting from splashing and guaranteeing faster cooking. They are also useful for storing food inside and outside the refrigerator in different sized containers.


How does the C’Rush cocktail ice-crusher work?

Using the C’Rush is ice-crusher is very simple. Just follow these simple instructions: 1. hold the C’Rush in the palm of your hand and fill with water; 2. place in the freezer, keeping it in a horizontal position at all times; 3. allow to freeze for at least one hour; 4. roll up the mould, twist it and pour the crushed ice into a large bowl; 5. unroll and tip the crushed ice into the glasses.

Can I use Lékué dishes to make hot dishes?

No. Lékué offers a wide range of rubber ice-cube trays. Rubber is suitable for use in the freezer but cannot be used for preparing dishes in a traditional oven or microwave. In contrast the C’Rush can be used for hot recipes because it is made of Platinum Silicone. Lékué produces a wide range of moulds in 100% Platinum silicon with different shapes and capacities. All the models are featured in the Products section of the web page.

How should the ice-cube trays be cleaned?

Lékué ice-cube trays can be hand washed with a sponge and soap or washed in the dishwasher at a temperature of up to 30ºC.


How should the sink mats be cleaned?

We recommend you let the table mats dry completely in order to keep them clean. When dirty, they can be hand washed with a sponge and soap or placed in the dishwasher up to a temperature of up to 80ºC.


How should the bath mats be cleaned?

We recommend you let the bath mats dry completely in order to keep them clean. If necessary, they can be machine-washed up to a temperature of 40ºC.


What is Silicone Platinum? What are its properties?

Silicone is an odourless, colorless polymer composed mainly of silicone, which is found naturally in sand, quartz and rocks. It is flexible, resistant and withstands high temperatures.

Platinum silicone is a type of silicone that uses only platinum (precious metal) as a binding agent, which improves its quality apart from silicone’s other properties (flexibility, non-stick, anti-bacteria). This is the ideal material for manufacturing moulds or products that will come into contact with food.  The safety and quality of each one of its components also makes platinum silicone the ideal material for baby bottle nipples or surgery materials for hospitals.

Why are Platinum Silicone moulds better than moulds made with other materials?

Platinum Silicone is an advanced and safe material that, thanks to its exceptional flexibility, resistance and thermal adaptability, is perfect for using in the kitchen, in ovens and in contact with food. Among the numerous advantages of LÉKUÉ Platinum Silicone products are: 1) Resistance to extreme temperatures (they withstand temperatures from -60 to 220 ºC), so the Lékué moulds can be used in traditional ovens, microwave ovens, in the dishwasher and in the freezer without affecting their properties in any way. 2) Excellent non-stick properties. They don’t need to be buttered or oiled and guarantee easy turning out. 3) Even cooking. Lékué’s exclusive and patented design that ensures the batter is evenly cooked. 4) Ergonomic. The clever design of Lékué products guarantees ease of use. 5) Easy cleaning because Platinum Silicone repels water and residues. 6) Exceptional flexibility makes it easy to turn out the food and the moulds easy to store. 7) Ecological because they are reusable. Platinum Silicone is basically made up of silicone, which is found in nature in sand and rocks.

Are all LÉKUÉ products made with silicone?

Lékué has three business lines in order to improve the technical qualities of each product, applying Platinum Silicone or rubber depending on the different properties: 1) Kitchen: For the kitchen, the moulds and other articles are made mostly with Silicone Platinum because this material has non-stick properties and can be used in traditional ovens, microwave ovens, in the refrigerator and freezer. 2) Ice-cube trays: Lékué offers a wide range of rubber ice-cube trays because this material offers many possibilities as far as colour and shape are concerned and guarantees perfect results in the refrigerator and freezer. 3) Bathroom: Lékué has various bath mat collections made with recyclable rubber treated with antibacterial products for maximum hygiene.

What type of guarantee do Lékué products have?

All Lékué products meet quality, technical and design specifications that ensure durability. Lékué products assure their quality thanks to the excellent materials used during the manufacturing process and the more than 15,000,000 moulds and 25,000,000 ice-cube trays sold around the world. All Lékué products are manufactured with highest quality materials such as rubber or Platinum Silicone. Lékué constantly carries out the supervision of the quality of their products through analyses in certified laboratories and strictly complies with environmental regulations.

What is Bisphenol? Are Lékué products BPA free?

Bisphenol-A is a compound used to make certain plastics. This compounds has currently many applications in the building, automotive, and medical sectors, among others.

Lékué products are mainly made of platinum silicone, and contain no bisphenol, which ensures that they pose no health or environmental risks, generate no waste, and do not change the taste of food.