“Innovative and Tasteful Ideas for your Kitchen”

Sneak a peek inside GKW

At Green Kitchen Works (GKW), we believe in going all in. If we aren’t constantly striving to craft the pool of best, discover the freshest ideas and build the cleverest team, why even bother showing up?

Founded in 2010 by a group of young culinary enthusiasts, we’re captivated by innovative Kitchen gadgets, amped up about the technology behind them and downright fanatical about Green design that enhances the health and wellness, and sustainability. We live to create and gather perfectly-fitting, insanely-styling and conveniently hands-on your home and Kitchen gadgets you can’t believe you ever lived without. An impossible task? We don’t think so.

Our fresh philosophy

“To revolutionize the way Food is cooked traditionally, by providing Green, modern, innovative and convenient cooking solution and allowing every consumer to contribute and give back to this planet”

GKW is obsessed and inspired to bring latest design gadgets that complement in creating your Favorite food dish, look appetizing and taste just right. When we start working on a new introduction, we ask ourselves: How can we make your life easier? What will make you smile? That’s what inspires us to architect the pool of products that don’t just make tingle your taste buds – they also contain clever details we hope will spark delight in you. We will strive to keep bringing in more and more products for you, which will help achieve this goal in everyday life.

GKW, have partnered with LEKUE of Spain and we are introducing Lekue Products for the first time in India.

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